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Chazan! Unfiltered follows the path of Rhode Island superhero and nephrologist Joseph A. Chazan, MD, as he pursues his two passions – art and medicine – and explores how the two collide. Dr. Chazan became a superhero to his patients when he tore through red tape to establish the first dialysis clinic in Rhode Island. When he needed an escape from work, he – with his cherished wife, Helene – raised eyebrows in the medical community when they turned to art, supporting countless previously unknown artists in the process and playing an instrumental role in establishing the beloved arts institution AS220.  

In Chazan! Unfiltered, the doctor’s life is viewed through the lens of a conversation between grandfather and grandson. The two discuss professional accomplishments, friendship and art, life’s joys and heartbreaks, and how it all connects in a way that gives life meaning.

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