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WaterFire Arts Center

The WaterFire Arts Center has been hosting a Pop-Up Art Mart on Saturdays in their parking lot, and we went to check it out on last weekend's blustery Saturday. There was a food truck and a little sidewalk sale from the gift shop, and we met some truly passionate young artists there who were excited to talk about and show their work. The Art Marts continue through October and there are rumors that they could extend into November.

The facility has been partnering with Wilbury Theatre Group to put on some socially distanced performances, and there were signs of their latest show, Fire Flowers and a Time Machine, visible on the property. And of course, we had to stop by their gift shop to check out the ever interesting and often surprising curated collection of books and locally created art pieces. Chazan! Unfiltered now shares self space with their beautiful collection, and there are plenty of copies! One more reason to stop by on a Saturday.

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