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The Legacy of Howard Ben Tré

Our friends at the WaterFire Arts Center are hosting an exhibition that can't be missed. To honor the legacy of Rhode Island based and internationally recognized artist Howard Ben Tré, who passed away last year, his work will be the first exhibited in WaterFire's new Pass the Torch Exhibition Series.

Ben Tré was a pioneer in the use of cast glass as a sculpture medium, and Dr. Chazan was an avid fan of his work. Several of Ben Tré's pieces are in Dr. Chazan's collection, and they -- as well as the artist's likeness -- made appearances in the pages of Chazan! Unfiltered.

“Private Visions, Public Ideals – The Legacy of Howard Ben Tré” opens January 27 and will run through March 7 at the WaterFire Arts Center, 475 Valley Street, Providence.

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