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Chazan! Unfiltered Is on the Square

Dr. Chazan finds something he likes on the shelves at Books on the Square

Books on the Square is a welcoming, comfortable and surprisingly spacious book store in Wayland Square on the East Side of Providence. Their children's section is vast and interesting, and in pre-COVID days, there were toys available to entertain rambunctious tots whose parents wanted to browse. They carry best-sellers, local interest, gorgeous coffee table books ... it's easy to lose an afternoon in their stacks, and the shop is only steps away from several coffee shops if you like a fresh cup of coffee to accompany that first spine crack of a new book.

We're so proud that Chazan! Unfiltered is now nestled among the stellar titles Books on the Square carries. They're currently offering parking lot pickup and limited, COVID-safe browsing. For more info, go to

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