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Among the Riffraff

Riffraff is this fantastic little bookstore and bar in Olneyville at The Plant. When you went there in pre-COVID times, you'd step down into a cozy space beneath street level and be met with a book lover's dream -- an often surprising collection of curated titles that you'd never find being read by a drinking club that masquerades as a book club. Post-COVID, they've moved their browsing outdoors to the courtyard just outside their door that's reminiscent of a Roman piazza. Their bar also moved outdoors and offers a selection of seasonal cocktails and drinks.  Chazan! Unfiltered has recently become part of their selection of titles!  But if you want to check this place out, do it fast. Owners Tom and Emma just announced that they'll return to online shopping and curbside pickup when October ends. Till then, hot toddies and hot titles in the courtyard!   

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